Pawitra Studio (formerly known as Kampoong Monster Studios) is an Indonesia Animation Company located in Bandung, Indonesia. We has capabilities of technical, creative and production to create new generation of Animated Films, VFX, Interactive Media and other related products.

Our objective are to combine cutting-edge technology and extraordinary creative talent to develop computer-animated films with universal messages, local content and massive universe of stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.  

Vision. To be the pride of of Indonesia by giving inspiration through strong storytelling, outstanding visual design and also involving passionate people in a healthy work environment.

Mission. To grow moral values, promote Indonesian local wisdom and provide clients with services that can elevate the value of their knowledge, brand or product by making it interesting through animation.

Brief History. Pawitra Studio used to be called Kampoong Monster Studio. It began in Bandung at 2013 when the studio got funded and incubated by Indigo Incubator of Telkom Indonesia.

A year after the incubation finished, many companies around Bandung are in the need of animation services. So then, the studio started to provide animation services for those companies.

After several months, the studio started to expand its business outside the city. While doing the services, the studio also helps Blender Foundation, a 3D software developer, to create their trailer IP project called Gooseberry Project. The exposure from the project makes the studio known not only from local industries but also internationally. Since then, around 90% of our team are focusing on services. The other half, are developing personal product for the future needs.

Now, Pawitra Studio gradually improving its business status by continuously providing high quality animation for the industry.